1. Heart

Price- Rs 78,84,477

2. Blood

Image result for giving blood

Price- Rs 1,677 to 22,812 per pint

3. Kidneys

From A living Person: Rs 1,34,19,290

From A Dead Person: Rs 10,06,446- 1,67,74,112

4. Bone Marrow

Price- Rs 15,43,218

5. Liver

Price: 1,07,35,432

6. Small Intestine

Price: 1,07,35,432

7. Gall Bladder

Price: Rs 81,790

8. Pair Of Eyeballs

Price: Rs 1,02,332

9. Human Eggs

Price: 8,38,705

10. Coronary Artery

Price: Rs 1,02,322

So the total valuation of a human body in the black market comes out to be Rs 3,49,99,385. It’s a whopping amount considering how little value people place on health.

Poor people, who are in need of money, are fooled by medical representatives and their brokers and they are given a very small amount of money due to lack of knowledge and information. The black market for human organs is growing very rapidly in India and something needs to be done to prevent it.


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