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ये 10 बॉलीवुड अभिनेता हैं जिन्होंने कभी स्क्रीन पर चुंबन नहीं करने की कसम खाई है!



In the film industry were kissing on the screen used to be a taboo until recent years, shifting suddenly a kiss on the screen becomes the norm said it has taken action with shock. Most of the Bollywood actor has been very stubborn in their beliefs – while some belief it to be an integral part of their profession, others have caught up with other methods to convey the same story.

Fortunately for them, Bollywood has a special quality to respect and accommodate each type of preference. To each his own, right?

So, here are 10 Bollywood actor who has vowed to never kiss on screen!

Salman Khan

Salman said, ‘I do not respect people who kiss the screen.’ Well, this is why Salman never want to lock lips with his gorgeous co-star. Both the ex-flame Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif or a close friend Sonakshi Sinha, his retained Sallu clause no kissing.

Shilpa Shetty

One of the hottest women in the film industry, Shilpa Shetty from the beginning ruled out his on-screen kiss.

Tamanna Bhatia

South Indian star who is now trying his luck in Bollywood films, Tamanaah has refused to kiss on screen. He stuck with the norm in the South and continue to stick with it in Bollywood.


The beauty of South India have compensated for the lack of intimacy on screen with acting skills have earned him a lot of brownie points from the audience and industry alike. The script required him to kiss Ghajini Aamir Khan but she refused to kiss him and in the end, the script should be changed just because of him.

Sonakshi Sinha

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Sonakshi Sinha has always stuck by traditional persona and we did not mind. His no-on-screen kiss the rules have worked in profits till now!

Ritesh Deshmukh

Ritesh seen in the series masti with adult comedy scripts but he refused requests to kiss co-star. He was not comfortable in sharing a kiss in the film that will be watched by everyone. He’s just not comfortable showing it to the world.

Ajay Devgan

Singham same loyal officers loyal to its commitments. He said there was huge for on-screen kiss no matter what script or the director suggests. She felt uncomfortable and she never planned to kiss each of his actresses.

Tusshar Kapoor

The Golmaal fame Tusshar quite clear about his desire not to kiss his co-star.

Fawad Khan

Another amazing imported from across the border, Fawad Khan has enthralled the whole country with good pious appearance. Fawad has stated that he is not comfortable doing on screen kiss because it would make Pakistan its fan-base happy. He felt that his Pakistani fans will not be able to digest the kissing scene and they are a little unorthodox. Is not that thoughtful? Are not you more in love with him?

Ali Zafar

Pakistani actor is too “shy” to never kissed on screen. He has stated that he will not know what to do if his mother saw him kissing on screen. a reasonable fear, Ali. London Paris New York, the double body is used to describe a kiss.

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